The Ultimate Guide to Audience Builders: Reach the Perfect Audience Every Time

In today’s digital marketing landscape, success hinges on your ability to target the right...
Written by
Ahmed El Naggar
Published on
May 6, 2024

In today’s digital marketing landscape, success hinges on your ability to target the right audience with your campaigns. This is where audience builders come into play. These powerful tools empower you to create highly targeted lists of potential customers, ensuring your message resonates with those most likely to convert.

The Cookie Crumbles: Why Audience Builders Are Essential

For years, advertisers relied on third-party cookies to track user behavior across the web, building detailed profiles for targeted advertising. However, with privacy concerns taking center stage, browsers are blocking these cookies, making them a less viable option. This is where audience builders come into play. These powerful tools empower you to create highly targeted lists of potential customers based on a variety of criteria, future-proofing your marketing strategies in a cookieless environment.

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What is an Audience Builder?

An audience builder is a software platform that allows you to define and generate custom lists of potential customers based on specific criteria. These criteria can include demographics, interests, online behavior, and most importantly, consumer spending habits (as offered by GoAudience).

Why Use an Audience Builder?

Traditionally, targeting relied on demographics and interests. While these factors can be helpful, they often provide an incomplete picture. Imagine promoting luxury travel packages to someone who spends most of their money on groceries and streaming services. It’s unlikely to be effective, right? Audience building solve this problem by allowing you to target based on real-world actions and spending habits.

Here are some key benefits of using an audience builder:

Increased ROI:

Reach the right people, leading to more conversions and a better return on your ad spend. (case study of ROI)

Enhanced Targeting Accuracy:

Go beyond demographics and interests. Target based on real spending habits for unmatched precision. (case study CTR)

Time-Saving Convenience:

Most audience builders offer user-friendly interfaces that allow you to build and manage your custom audiences with ease.

Scalability for Growth:

Choose the subscription plan that best suits your business needs, allowing you to scale your campaigns as you grow. you can also read this article talking about Growth hacking playbook

The Pre-Audience Builder Era: A Compliance Chaser’s Lament

Before the dawn of audience builders, life for many Learning and Development (L&D) professionals responsible for mandatory training was a compliance chasing nightmare. Imagine being seen as the department that disrupts employees’ workflow with mandatory training, rather than fostering genuine development. Your role was a repetitive, time-consuming cycle of manual enrollment, error-prone tracking, and constant reminders.

Certain teams needed specific training, and renewal schedules varied from annual to quarterly. With a revolving door of new hires, maintaining an accurate enrollment calendar felt like an uphill battle. Inevitably, training deadlines would be missed, leading to a frustrating cycle of chasing down late completions. As you finished your daily compliance tasks, a sense of longing for a more efficient solution lingered.

Thankfully, that solution arrived in the form of the revolutionary audience builder tools

Popular Audience Builder Tools:

Several audience builder tools are available in the market, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Here’s a quick overview of some of the options:

Facebook Audience Insights:

Facebook is one of the oldest social media targeting tool, this free tool by Facebook allows you to build audiences based on demographics, interests, and behaviors within the Facebook ecosystem. While valuable, it’s limited to Facebook advertising.

Google Ads Audience Builder:

Similar to Facebook Audience Insights, Google Ads Audience Builder lets you create targeted lists for your Google Ads campaigns based on demographics, interests, and online behavior. Again, it’s limited to Google’s advertising platform.


Here’s where GoAudience shines. It goes beyond demographics and interests to leverage the power of consumer spending data. This unique approach allows you to target potential customers based on their actual spending habits, ensuring your ads reach people who are actively spending money in categories relevant to your offerings.

Escape the Compliance Chaser Role with GoAudience

Remember the dreaded days of manual compliance training enrollment? Imagine being the department constantly nagging employees to complete mandatory training, fostering resentment instead of development. That’s the reality many Learning and Development (L&D) professionals faced before the game-changing power of audience builders.

GoAudience: Your Automated Enrollment Hero

Thankfully, tools like GoAudience (Focus Keyword) have revolutionized compliance training management. Gone are the days of tedious manual enrollment and error-prone tracking. GoAudience empowers you to automate the entire process, freeing you from the shackles of being the “compliance chaser.”

Effortless Automation for Maximum Impact

With GoAudience, create dynamic audience lists based on a variety of criteria, including certification status, location, role, and even custom user fields. This ensures each learner receives the most relevant training program, maximizing their learning experience.

Setting up your audience lists is a breeze. Simply add your learners, assign their groups, and integrate your training catalog – all in a few clicks. Whether you need broad audience targeting or granular control, GoAudience allows you to customize your approach to perfectly fit your company’s needs.

Here’s how GoAudience transforms your life:

  • Automated Enrollment and Reminders: Say goodbye to manual enrollments! GoAudience automatically enrolls learners in the required programs based on your defined criteria. Furthermore, you can set up auto-re-enrollment triggers 30 days before certification expiration, ensuring timely renewals and preventing compliance gaps. Automated email, Slack, and Microsoft Teams reminders further minimize the need for manual nudges, finally freeing you from the “compliance bad guy” label.
  • Targeted Onboarding: GoAudience leverages user custom fields to personalize onboarding experiences. Fresh graduates receive different training than seasoned executives, ensuring everyone gets the right introduction to your company and their role. This contextualized onboarding accelerates skill development and increases employee productivity.
  • API Integration for Scalability: Need to automate training for large groups across your organization? No problem! GoAudience integrates with APIs, allowing you to deliver instructions and enroll large numbers of learners simultaneously, saving you even more time and streamlining the entire process.

GoAudience: Your Bridge to a Stress-Free Compliance Training Future

By leveraging GoAudience, you can say goodbye to the drudgery of manual enrollment and embrace a future of automated compliance training management. Focus on what truly matters – fostering a culture of learning and development within your organization.

How go audience work

how go audience work

The GoAudience Edge:

While other audience builders offer basic targeting options, GoAudience audience data providers takes it a step further and using a very targeted audience AI algorithm. Here’s why GoAudience should be your go-to platform:

Unmatched Targeting Accuracy:

GoAudience leverages a massive dataset of spending habits from 220 million US adults, ensuring you reach the most relevant audience possible.

Fresh Audience Lists:

Consumer spending habits are dynamic. GoAudience provides you with fresh audience lists on a regular basis, keeping your targeting sharp and your ads performing at their peak.

Self-Serve Platform:

The user-friendly interface allows you to easily build and manage your custom audiences without needing technical expertise. Also the tool is using AI audience targeting to find your audience and reach audience interests that you will never find alone.

Scalable Subscription Plans:

Choose the plan that best suits your business needs, allowing you to scale your audience building efforts as you grow.

You have to know your target audience to deliver more sales and ROI, grow your audience and enjoy ai audience targeting to find your target audience.

Ready to Take Your Targeting to the Next Level?

Stop wasting time and money on ineffective advertising strategies. GoAudience empowers you to leverage the power of consumer spending data, ensuring your ads reach the right people at the right time.

Sign up for a free trial today and experience the difference data-driven audience building can make for your business!

Let’s Get Visual:

To further enhance your understanding of audience builders, consider watching these insightful videos:

    This video provides a general overview of audience builders and their various applications.
    This article from Salesforce Marketing Cloud dives deeper into audience building for email marketing campaigns.

Table of Definitions:

  • Audience Builder: A software platform that allows you to create custom lists of potential customers based on specific criteria.
  • Targeting: The process of identifying and reaching a specific group of people with your marketing messages.
  • Demographics: Characteristics of a population, such as age, gender, and income.
  • Interests: The things that people are passionate about and enjoy.
  • Online Behavior: How people interact with websites and digital platforms.
  • Consumer Spending Habits: The products and services that people spend their money on.


1. What are the benefits of using an audience builder?

  • Increased ROI: Reach the right audience, leading to more conversions and a better return on your ad spend.
  • Enhanced Targeting Accuracy: Go beyond demographics and interests. Target customer based on specific criteria for unmatched precision.
  • Time-Saving Convenience: Build and manage custom audiences efficiently with user-friendly interfaces.
  • Campaign Scalability: Choose subscription plans that grow with your business needs.
  • Improved Brand Awareness: Reach people who are most likely to be interested in your offerings.

2. How do I choose the right audience builder for my needs?

Consider the following factors:

  • Your marketing goals: What do you want to achieve with your campaigns (brand awareness, lead generation, sales)?
  • Your target audience: Who are you trying to reach?
  • Your budget: Different audience builders offer varying pricing structures.
  • The features you need: Does the platform offer the targeting criteria and functionalities you require (e.g., consumer spending data)?
  • Ease of use: Consider the platform’s user interface and how easy it is to learn and navigate.

3. What are some limitations of audience builders?

  • Data Accuracy: Audience data is based on predictions and estimations, and there’s always a margin of error.
  • Platform Limitations: Targeting capabilities may be restricted depending on the chosen platform.
  • Cost: Some audience builders can be expensive, especially for larger campaigns.

4. Can I build an audience builder myself?

While technically possible, it’s not recommended. Building an audience builder requires significant technical expertise, data resources, and ongoing maintenance. It’s generally more efficient and cost-effective to leverage existing audience builder platforms.

5. Is there a difference between audience builders and marketing automation platforms?

Yes, there is some overlap, but there are key differences:

  • Audience builders focus on creating targeted lists of potential customers.
  • Marketing automation platforms manage the entire marketing campaign workflow, including email marketing, social media marketing, and lead nurturing.

Some audience builders integrate with marketing automation platforms, allowing you to seamlessly move audiences into automated campaigns.

6. What are some best practices for using audience builders?

  • Start with clear campaign goals.
  • Define your ideal customer profile.
  • Use a variety of targeting criteria beyond demographics.
  • Test and refine your audiences for optimal results.
  • ** Regularly refresh your audience lists to ensure data accuracy.**

By understanding these questions and answers, you’ll be well-equipped to leverage audience builders and achieve success in your marketing endeavors.

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