Getting Started with GoAudience

In the ever-evolving world of digital Marketing and AI targeting, GoAudience emerges as a...
Written by
Ahmed El Naggar
Published on
May 3, 2024


In the ever-evolving world of digital Marketing and AI targeting, GoAudience emerges as a game-changing platform, empowering brands and

Reaching Your Dream Customers

marketers with the tools to craft highly targeted social media ad campaigns. By utilizing a vast database of 220 million US consumers, GoAudience significantly reduces Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) by up to 50%. This introductory guide will navigate you through the basic features of GoAudience, ensuring you harness its full potential to optimize your ad campaigns.

Audience Builder: AI-Driven Precision

GoAudience’s crown jewel, the “Audience Builder,” is an AI driven marketing powered tool revolutionizing how ad campaigns are structured. Here’s how it works:

  1. Enter Brand URL: Simply input your brand’s website URL.
  2. AI Analysis: GoAudience analyzes your brand’s offerings.
  3. Custom Audience Creation: The AI fetches data from its vast consumer pool, curating an audience that aligns perfectly with your brand’s profile.
  4. Optimized Campaigns: The result? An audience that promises enhanced engagement and superior campaign outcomes.

This tool is particularly beneficial for those who wish to streamline their audience selection process with AI’s precision.

Manual Search: Tailored Discovery

For more specific or varied needs, GoAudience offers the “Manual Search” feature. It’s ideal when:

  • You’re not relying on a specific brand URL.
  • Your campaign targets are more generalized or varied, such as demographic specifics, industry types, or particular interests.

This function allows you to delve deeper and handpick the audience that you believe aligns best with your campaign objectives.

Audience Insights: In-Depth Analysis (AI Targeting)

Once you have your audience, GoAudience provides a comprehensive breakdown for each segment:

  • Detailed Descriptions: Understand who makes up your audience.
  • Audience Size: Gauge the scale of your potential reach.
  • Data Providers: Know where your data comes from.
  • Ad Spend Percentage: Estimate your end-of-month charges based on ad spend using these audiences.

This detailed view ensures you make informed decisions about your audience selection.

Saving and Managing Audiences


After selecting your audience, the process to save and manage them is straightforward:

  1. Save Your List: Assign a name to your audience list.
  2. My Audiences Tab: Access your saved lists in this dedicated section.
  3. Export Options: Seamlessly export your lists to preferred Ad networks.
  4. Track Progress: Monitor the status of your exports.

Remember to keep your account loaded with credits for a smooth export process.


GoAudience stands as a beacon for brands and marketers looking to redefine their approach to social media advertising. With its intuitive interface, AI-driven insights, and comprehensive data analysis, GoAudience is not just a platform but a partner in crafting successful ad campaigns. Start leveraging GoAudience today to transform your audience targeting and watch as your AI driven marketing efforts yield unprecedented results.

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